How to Remove Different Rug Stains


Getting Stains Out

Just like carpets, rugs are constantly being stained. Fortunately, there are ways to get rid of these stains. The most important things to remember are to blot and to do it as soon as possible.

Alcohol, Soft Drinks, Coffee/Tea

For these stains, use a solution of liquid dish detergent, warm water, and white vinegar. Apply it to the stain, rinse, and dry.


Peel off what you are able to, then place a plastic bag of ice cubes and harden the gum. Scrape it off with a spoon or a dull knife. Vacuum the area.

Bodily Wastes

Apply a detergent solution or a citrus-oxygen cleaner. Then rinse, and blot until dry.

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How to Clean Special Types of Rugs


Cleaning Your Rug

There are different types of rugs and each one needs specific cleaning care or else you risk costly mistakes. Here are some tips for cleaning some popular types of rugs.


First, check the rug for stitching breaks before and after washing. Also, check the tag if it is washable. If so, put it in a zippered pillow case and wash in cool water on a gentle cycle. Use carpet cleaning foam, then rinse or vacuuming, and finally dry thoroughly before placing on the floor.

Natural fibers

Rugs that are made from natural fibers have an open weave that allow dirt to sift through to the floor so vacuum underneath it frequently and also flip the rug (if possible) when you do. To remove stain, use a soft brush and soapy water, then rinse and use a towel to blot the cleaned area dry.


Shake unscented talcum powder, then shake out, and repeat the process several times. Use a clean cotton cloth and lukewarm soapy water to clean the back of the rug, then rinse and dry completely before placing it back.

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Three Useful Tips for Keeping Your Carpet Clean


Rug Wrestling


Everyone wants a clean rug, but no one wants to clean the rug. Some people, however, want to give the old rug a good cleaning but don’t know how. Well, here’s how.


Although noisy and annoying, vacuums are very important in taking care of your rug. Vacuuming removes dirt and grit, which increases the wear-and-tear factor. If the rug is reversible, makes sure to vacuum both sides.


If a portion of the rug is prone to more activity it will unevenly wear out your rug. Therefore, every once in a while, make sure to rotate the rug around.


If your rug is small enough to manage, then you can take it outside to shake off the dirt instead of using a noisy vacuum. It is recommended to use a racket or stick to beat the dirt off, and be careful not to breathe in the dust.

Cleaning a rug may not be fun but it is something that needs to be done. If you don’t own a carpet just yet, you can purchase a carpet from Capri Discount Flooring.

Three Useful Tips for Keeping Your Carpet Clean


Cleaning Your Carpet

Carpets are great addition to households for aesthetic and health reasons. When you purchase a carpet, it’s important to properly clean it.

Vacuum Regularly

A vacuum makes cleaning your carpet relatively easy. Be sure to regularly vacuum your carpet to get rid of the dirt that accumulates on it, even if any isn’t visible.

Tackle Stain Immediately

Dirt, wine and food are some of the causes of carpet stains, especially on light-colored ones. Whenever your carpet becomes stain, immediately and carefully remove the stain before it settles.


Keeping your carpet clean also means keeping it smell fresh. Deodorize and properly shampoo your carpets to keep them smelling good for you and your guests.

You will benefit from keeping your carpet clean. If you do not own one, but would like to purchase a carpet for your home, visit Capri Discount Flooring.

Useful Tips for Cleaning Vinyl Flooring


A Clean Floor

Vinyl flooring looks very nice, but it requires special care to keep it looking nice. However, it can be very simple to keep the flooring in tip top shape. Here are some tips to protect your vinyl flooring.

Clean Floors Immediately

Get dirt off your floor as soon as possible before it gets ground in. Sweep frequently, especially with a soft broom. Also, wipe spills immediately to avoid using heavy-duty cleaners.

Use Little Water

If your mop is too wet, it can work its way into cracks, seams, and edges. This in turn ruins the glue bond keeping the vinyl together, which will make it come loose.

Use Floor Protectors

Large appliances in your home can cause dents in the flooring if it permanently occupies a certain spot. Prevent these dents by fitting your furniture with floor protectors.

Keep your vinyl floors looking exceptional by following these tips. If you want vinyl flooring for your home, you can visit Capri Discount Flooring.

The Advantages of Adding Carpets in the Home


Carpets Enhance Your Home

Not everyone opts for carpeting in their homes. Many people might say it requires too much effort in cleaning, or that it can be pricey. However, a nice carpet can really enhance your home.


Provides Warmth and Comfort

In colder seasons, carpets retain warm air longer, providing actual thermal resistance. It also provides a comfortable place to sit, play, or even work. It gives the room an overall warmer feeling.

Adds Beauty and Style


You can choose from thousands of different carpet styles and colors. This means that you can personalize your living space any way you want. Your home can truly represent your very own style.


Softens Slips and Falls


Carpets cushion our footsteps, reducing the amount of slips and falls and therefore minimizing injuries. This protection can especially come in handy in a house where there are toddlers or elderly people.


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Benefits of Adding Carpets in the Workplace

Carpets are Not Only for Homes

While carpets are normally found in households, they are also used in business places. Adding a carpet in the workplace can benefit a business greatly.

Helps Prevent Slips and Falls

Carpets help prevent the probability of slipping and possibly falling onto the floor. Also, if someone happens to fall, carpets cushion the impact, reducing the chance of serious injury.

Reduces Noise

The footsteps on constantly accessed floors and stairs can become a nuisance. Carpets act as sound barriers to reduce or eliminate the sound of footsteps.

Increases Air Quality

A carpet has the ability to trap dust, pollen and other dirt particles. This increased the air quality, preventing constant sneezing, allergic reactions and possible illness.

Pleasing to the Eye

Undoubtedly, the right carpet can improve the appeal of any office. Carpets can the make the workplace look attractive and offer a better experience for clients or customers.

If your workplace does not have a carpet, the office is missing out on these benefits. Capri Discount Flooring offers quality commercial carpets that are sure to suit any business’s flooring needs.